Whitelabelhost.IN along with all its associated hosting companies is shutting down on "5th January 2019" at 00:00 Indian Standard Time. All Customers are requested to immediately backup their data from all our servers and move out to some other provider. Customers are also requested to move/transfer their domains from all our portals to provider of their choice.

how to move hosting?

We will shut down forever on 5th January 2019, 00:00 Indian Standard Time

How to move/transfer domains?

What will happen to my remaining credits in WLH account?

All credits and invoice payments for hosting services will be prorated and refunded to original source of payment by 05th April 2019. This will take time as we have to release large number of refunds, but rest assured that every penny remaining in your account will be refunded to your card/bank account used during payment.

We thank you for being with us all these years.